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Meet Milca

Wellness Center located in Columbia, MD

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Hi! My name is Milca. 

It is time you claimed your health, and I am happy to help you start your journey back to feeling better.

I am based in the Washington, DC area (DMV), as a Certified Nurse Practitioner with over 10 years in primary care medicine. I am also a Certified Hormone Replacement Specialist, offering natural and effective BHRT for men and women that can increase energy, support weight loss, improve sexual enjoyment & performance, and help fight the signs of aging.

I am passionate about helping women back to feeling their optimal selves again. I provide expert, tailored solutions that help clients combat their health obstacles – whether it is tackling weight loss, menopause, hormone decline, or any other medical issue, and I take the time to educate my patients so they can make more informed decisions about their healthcare.